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Welcome to Montpellier

Montpellier lies in the South of France, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It’s a beautiful, cosmopolitan city that’s steeped in history, and you’ll soon discover a Mediterranean sense of art de vivre!

The city was founded 1000 years ago by Jews, Muslims and Christians – and with such a diverse history, it’s little wonder that the values of tolerance and fraternity live on to this day.

Montpellier is also home to Aigles, ETS’ sister organisation that’s been running trans-national exchanges since 1985. As a thriving city and popular haunt for students and graduates, Montpellier is a perfect choice for your European work experience.

So – what can you expect during your 12 week placement in Montpellier?

Your air travel will be arranged by ETS. Not so many UK airports offer direct flights to Montpellier, besides, as we book according to price and availability, we find that London airports are generally the best option.

You’ll be met at Montpellier Airport by a Host Organiser, who’ll accompany you to your accommodation...

You’ll be offered self-catering or half-board accommodation with a host family,  located in or around Montpellier. In some cases, you may be sharing your accommodation with other participants.

Your accommodation comes equipped with all facilities, including bed linen, although you should supply your own toiletries and towels.

You’ll be responsible for cleaning your own room, and it should be left in good condition when you leave. For this reason, the host organisation will ask you to pay a deposit of 150 Euros, which will be refunded at the end of the placement if your room is left as you found it.

Language Course
Your programme begins with a 3 weeks' French course at a language centre in Montpellier. The pre-requisite to be selected for France is intermediate to good level of French so the language course will be more focused on cultural preparation, but it won't be an intensive language course. Attendance is compulsory.

Work Experience
Once your language course is completed, the real work begins. Your work placement will last for 9 weeks, with host companies being located in and around Montpellier. For most placements you’ll need to travel either by bus or train – but for some, your work place may be within walking distance..

Choosing your work placement
You’ll find all kinds of industries in Montpellier, so we can offer all kinds of work experience. Selection is based on your language skills, past experience and qualifications - as well as your personal interests and future aspirations.

Please find below some examples of sectors where trainees  undertook their work placements in the past:

  1. Wine sector
  2. Cultural organisations
  3. Media: Journalism
  4. Scientific research
  5. International relations - translation
  6. Events organisation
  7. Tourism & hospitality
  8. Education and training organisations
  9. Child care 
  10. Graphic design
  11. Architecture
  12. IT
  13. Retail
  14. Marketing and sales tasks in small firms (market research is rarely possible)
  15. NGOs  - social sector

Opportunities vary according to the time of the year and company availability. The type of placement and type of work will be discussed at interview with the host organiser. New industry sectors are always being explored.

Don’t forget, your placement is about more than work experience. As you’ll discover here, there’s always plenty to see and do!


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